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CAVA Courses, or to give them their full title, “Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement” courses, are designed for those who want to pursue a career in the Learning and Development sector. This course is specifically suitable for those who wish to become qualified assessors in the future.

The CAVA qualification is considered to be one of the most useful assessor qualifications because it enables you to do the most with your qualification. If you’re interested in broadening your horizons with an assessor qualification then taking a CAVA course is the way to go. The CAVA qualification is the most comprehensive assessor qualification, as the course teaches assessors how to monitor and assess the vocational skills of a learner.

Completing the CAVA course qualifies you to evaluate the learners’ performance at their place of work. You learn how to assess occupational competence, and how to monitor and scrutinize learners’ vocational skills. You can carry out your assessment operations in any relevant or prepared learning environment, including classrooms, workshops, field training, and virtual learning scenarios.

While assessment qualifications are available from several training providers, most of them are ‘generalists’, offering their courses alongside others from multiple sectors and disciplines. In many cases, their tutors are not specialist industrial assessors, for example, or skilled in specific sectors.

With Educate QA, you are able to choose from a comprehensive range of education, training, assessor, and internal quality assurance qualification courses. They have a dedicated, passionate team of professional assessors and support staff who are committed to the provision of high-quality service and direct support for all learners.

If you are looking for a job or career opportunity related to teaching or assessment and are not sure where and how to begin then this might be your lucky day. EducateQA is here to help with your future endeavors.

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