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It has been evident for the past few years that a lot of learners switched from conventional learning education (physically in a classroom setup) to educational distance learning courses.

Numerous options are available online and the choices have become even greater due to the most recent pandemic. Covid-19 has brought increasing numbers to educational distance learning courses. As the demand gets larger, the competition becomes steeper.

In looking for a reliable and high-quality service for online educational distance learning courses, it is important to check on the trusted training providers and awarding organizations associated with them. Getting products or services online can be a little tricky and scary at the same time. Hackers and scammers are everywhere today, and nowhere is potentially more vulnerable than online. Given the amount of publicity and news coverage of such threats, you will probably not be surprised that the perpetrators are getting wiser and more creative in their methods of deception. We need to think ahead of these criminals and be even more careful and vigilant in choosing services and products we use or acquire online.

This, unfortunately, includes any educational distance learning courses you apply for. Ensure you do extensive research before jumping into something as you don’t want to be deceived and lose your hard-earned money. Attribute real value to your money and time and make sure to enroll with a reliable provider. Thorough research in what is the best and most appropriate educational distance learning course for you begins with studying with a reputable education distance learning course provider. Educate QA ( has an excellent reputation in this space and a great range of AET and assessor courses.

If you can further see that the education distance learning course provider is also associated with an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation such as Focus Awards (https://focusawards, then you are on the right track. Focus Awards offers more than 160 unique qualifications, spanning 11 diverse subject areas and business sectors. Visit their website and learn more about the services they provide –

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