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The vocational industry is a sector that has grown exponentially over the last 5 years and is still continuing its upward trajectory. With the Government relentlessly pumping money into apprenticeships for school leavers who cannot afford to go to university, vocational qualifications are becoming more and more popular.

This trend is not confined to the UK; it’s happening all over the world.

The result of this growth is a chronic shortage of good Assessors, IQAs and Lifelong Learning Teachers globally, particularly in the vocational sectors. That shortage is not about to abate any time soon. It’s a market where demand significantly outstrips supply. There has never been a better time to get yourself qualified as an Assessor, IQA or PTLLS. It will open doors for you in the vocational sector and make you relevant.

But quality counts. It is not enough to just become a qualified Assessor; you need to be both qualified and competent, and fully understand the industry. We provide all of that for you at Great Achievers.

Our Assessor, Internal Quality Assessment and PTLLS courses have been painstakingly designed and constructed to ensure that our learners will benefit from the best materialsthe industry has to offer. Add this to the outstanding training and coaching you receive from our dedicated practitioners and industry experts, and you can’t fail to become a very successful and competent Assessor or IQA when you graduate.

Great Achievers’ courses are exactly what you need to get started in the vocational sector. But your learning career need not stop there. You can upgrade or diversify your qualification at any timeto climb the success ladder as your experience and expertise grows.

The vocational industry has not yet reached its peak. If you want to claim your place on this rocket ship, the time is now! Take that all-important first step to get qualified and get into the sector as an ‘early adopter’ today.


Technology is changing the world. It’s had a massive impact on the way we live, the way we work; even the way we think! It’s present in every aspect of our daily lives and routines, making everything easier and quicker. Today you can speak to a friend, colleague or relative on the other side of the world – in real time – for free, courtesy of technology and the Internet! You can even see them while you’re talking!

Education and training is an integral part of that change; indeed in many ways it drives it.The way we learn and create has also been irreversibly changed by technological development. Children in school today receive and submit their work online and their teachers send them feedback through the same online ‘portal’ – a secure online communication ‘window’ into the ether.

Within a very short space of time – months and years rather than decades – conventional, ‘traditional’ methods of teaching and assessing will fall away. In many sectors and spheres of operation it’s already happening. Or has already happened. These old, tired and boring methodologies are being replaced by new, exciting and vibrant formats using computers and the Internet to positively engage with learners and provide online training solutions.

The further education sector and vocational training has transitioned already, and other sectors are rapidly gaining momentum too.Many colleges and universities are also moving towards online training and assessment.

Great Achievers is at the cutting edge of this innovation. Our outstanding online training will give you an opportunity to use online portals for your tutoring and assessment. This gives you a distinct advantage when looking for a job, as most employers now want people who have experience of online assessment. The demand for online training has never been higher.

Online training also makes it easy for you to gain the required assessor qualifications you want from the comfort of your own home. You can study flexibly in your own time and still receive 100% support from our highly experienced Assessors.

It does not matter where you are, whether you have children or a full time job, or whether you study through your laptop while commuting. With online training you can gain your desired qualification despite your busy schedule.


If you are looking for a provider that will simply supply you with course materials so that you can gain a certificate, you should look elsewhere.

Great Achievers not only trains you but:

  • We support you all the way until you achieve success and graduate.
  • We provide you with dedicated Assessors who are there to work with you according to your needs.
  • We make sure that all our learners have a fantastic experience.
  • We provide you with career guidance once you complete.
  • We connect you with recruitment agencies that understand the sector and your qualifications, and can therefore help you get a job.
  • We provide a Fast Track Option for those who need to qualify quickly.
  • We get you started as soon as you make payment.
  • We do not have fixed terms or semesters with inflexible start dates;you can start anytime, all year round.

Why not enrol today? Get started now before you miss your slot and get left behind…l rolling today. We’ll do our best to exceed your expectations!