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Unlimited Access

Unlike mainstream colleges and universities, you don’t need to travel to study with us. Nor do you need to pay for digs or meet crippling submission deadlines for your work.

Educate QA gives you unlimited access to your course materials, tutor support and peer support, throughout your studies with us.

We provide an innovative Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that allows you to log on from anywhere with an internet connection using whatever device you have to hand. Whether you prefer your laptop, tablet or desktop PC (or Mac) – or even your smart phone – you have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days (52 weeks) of the year. Including Christmas Day, if that’s what floats your boat…

This means you can fit your course around your lifestyle, work schedule, travel itinerary, whatever. Many of our students read materials or complete assignments commuting on the train to and from their place of work, freeing them up to do more ‘fun’ things when they get home.

If you’re a sociable type, the VLE also gives you access to our vibrant Student Community, where you can interact to compare study tactics, buzz off others on the same course, or get peer support on issues you may not want to involve your tutor in.

The choice is yours, thanks to Educate QA’s robust, reliable systems. They’ve been ‘battle hardened’ during 3 lockdowns during the global pandemic, so you’ve no need to worry about tech…