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What is an assessor course?

An assessor course enables you to assess both in a classroom and a workplace environment. This course is great if you want to achieve a career in the future of assessing people. Assessing people can be a very difficult and challenging job to do. If you are up for a challenge then this is the course for you.

Whilst completing the assessor course you will need access to people within a work, classroom environment so that you can have the best workspace you need for the course, this is so that it gives you the best environment to work from. You need to make sure that the environment is fit to assess to make sure that everything can be completed smoothly and efficiently.


You will be assessed through a number of assignments; you will need to show the assessor that you are competent in using valid methods of assessment. You will be required to learn these methods so that you are capable of assessing work using the methods shown. You will also be shown the criteria that you will need to use whilst assessing people with a workplace environment, and shown what a workplace environment should look like so that you know if it is the correct space or not when you further your career. Taking this course you will be advancing your skills and techniques to help you provide stepping stones for the future.

The lessons are usually provided through a secure online portal (VLE Virtual learning environment) This is to ensure that you will be able to access your scheduled lessons and all the learning materials that you will need, you will be required to have access to your own laptop or smartphone during your sessions to avoid any missed lessons. Not only can you learn from the comfort of your home but you can learn anywhere that has a secure internet connection.

The entry requirements that you will need for the Assessor course are Competency in your own field, English GCSE A-C or equivalent, Understanding of assessment, Literate in IT.

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